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As away to showcase my digital designs on the runway, I created 3 QR code cubes that were worn on models on the runway. Each of the codes, when scanned will take the viewer to a look showcased in augmented-reality. By having the QR codes walk down the runway, I wanted to take the focus off physical bodies and garments, and completely turn to digital bodies and garments. Explore the collection in AR by clicking on the looks below:

View the Collection in AR



Beyond augmented-reality, I wanted the digital looks to exist in a digital space of their own, showcased in VR in real-time. Working with Unreal environment artist Richard Taylor, I was able to create absurd re-imaginations of everyday environments to showcase my collection in. Viewers are able to navigate the space in the VR headset for a fully immersive digital fashion experience.

Explore the Worlds

Beyond the world AR filters, I also developed my collection into "wearable" looks as body-tracked AR garments. The beauty of digital fashion is the interoperability of the digital realm, and I wanted viewers to also be able to try on my collection themselves. Try out the collection yourself by clicking on the looks below:

Try On the Collection



Look 1: a Moth Problem

Metahuman Taro wears houndstooth moth suit set in a 3D re-imagination of the Windows XP desktop

Look 2: A Twitchy Trenchcoat

Metahuman Bryan wears the "ill-fit" A.I. trench coat, Bluetooth hat and bag, and flying sneakers 

Look 3: To the shops!

Metahuman grandma wears subway puffer, antigravity hoodie, flying jeans in a supermarket train

...collection loading, 2022

...collection loading is a fully immersive, AR/VR digital fashion collection I developed as my graduation collection, debuted at the Central Saint Martins BA Fashion show in May of 2022. On the runway, I debuted the digital garments collection on 3 giant QR code boxes worn on models on the runway. When scanned, the viewer can see an animated digital human wearing wearing the collection in augmented reality. My inspiration for the collection comes from the mismatched reality seen through the lens of machine learning. I wanted to reimagine mundane daily environments and recognisable everyday characters as a game style experience within the metaverse. Within the collection, I reinterpreted everyday garments so that they can only exist digitally, whether it’s a floating hoodie, or a houndstooth blazer where the houndstooth are reinterpreted as flying moths. It’s a digital, absurdist take on the everyday context.

Project collaborators:

Unreal environment artist & VR technician:

Richard Taylor

Virtual set design graphics:

Jessica Sanders

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