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Institute of Digital Fashion's annual top 100 list of the individuals by Leanne Elliot Young & Cattaytay that have been an integral part to making a shift in the industry to do better, be smarter, and changing the semantics of fashion.

IoDF: Top 100 Innovators 2023

Posed with the question “What is the future of fashion?” The Institute of Digital Fashion (IoDF) has responded with a curated programme of collaborative workshops and discussions exploring the diverse perspectives around digital fashion and the future of the industry.

IoDF X SELFRIDGES Superfutures Symposium

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LCCA: Fashion Innovation Week

As a part of the London College of Creative Art's Fashion Innovation week, I created a taster workshop session with undergraduate fashion students to get them into the world of digital fashion, metaverse, and A.I. and future technologies in pushing fashion to new frontiers. 

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Real Time Conference: AI and AR - Digital Fashion in the Physical World, Nov 9

Beyond my digital work, I partake in events to speak about digital fashion and workflows, as well as workshopping and teaching. Through speaking about my work and teaching, I hope to add to a more decentralised digital fashion landscape, focused on sharing skills and ideas.

A digital congress by the Kreativ Bund with the German Initiative of Culture and Creative Industries, centring around the topic of the metaverse entrpreneurial potential, what jobs there are and the skills that would be required to shape it. 

Auf Ins Metaverse Digital Congress

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